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About us club and our services. What makes us different (experience, personalization)? Why choose to use our service (new user, tailored advice, personal option filter, hand-picked selections, small-farm growers, imported from Canada only)? 

Services Sample Breakdown

Service #1 – Weed “Nutritionist” recommendations via phone/chat/skype

  1. 15 – 30 min (you choose appt time, we call you)
  2. Provide voice call personalized recommendations and help people choose from available options
  3. Downloadable / printable “personalized” product & solutions recommendations

Service #2 – In person concierge service

  1. 45 – 60 min
  2. personal experience requested (choose 3 products?)
  3. Education on types and consumption recommendations
  4. Spec sheets for 3 products (deliverables)
  5. Text “help” line to personal concierge and voice call – office line

COST: ???

Service #3 – Guided dining experience

  1. 90 – 120 min
  2. Dinner plans for group (back & forth planning with concierge for meal, recipes w/ guidance, products for consumption (shortlist selections), consumption plan for evening (i.e. smoke, then dinner, then vape, etc.), etc.)
  3. Product options on day for EACH participant (indica, sativa, edibles etc). START LOW GO SLOW, based on user experience etc.

COST: ????

Service #4 – Green Club Card

Join The Club! & For $30/month get access to our latest retailer report from all Ontario Retailers as well as 2G product samples for you to try out from our corporate partners at OCS, along with some special selected bonus goodies each month…

Green Club Card members get a special referral code to give use and give to friends to get (5%, 10%, 15% Loyalty Tiers) off Service Products.

Partner with retailers and offer cross-promotion for this service to reduce our costs of offerings.

Volume discounts should bring down sample product costs, and offer freebees from vendors for marketing promotion.

Our Service Area (In-Person Services)

Online Delivery available to Ontario via ocs.ca